What does it mean to dare?

Daring doesn’t have to always be climbing a mountain or running into a burning building. Daring acts are just those we choose despite adversity because we know it’s the right thing to do, and it’s so important that we’re not going to wait for someone else to do it.

Aude Christo Magna

Daring is mothers bringing their children to adoration, fathers setting aside time daily to speak to their daughters and their sons one-on-one, teenagers volunteering instead of playing sports, and CEOs establishing business practices that choose the moral good over the bottom line.

This daring action is needed in all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s in our businesses, families, or just day-to-day interactions–daring acts are what form the body of Christ, nurture its people and shape our culture. So it’s not enough to just work in our families or businesses, but only when we put equal effort into all our daily efforts and interactions will we begin to see real change in our lives.

No leader sets out to lead. They just commit one daring act, and before they know it, people are looking to them. Because when you dare, you are confidently committing to the cause. There is no one to blame. You knew the risks. Those who dare don’t make excuses or wait for someone else to hold their hand. You just jump…and accept all the responsibility and consequences that will come.

Daring can be scary, painful, but always full of risk. What we call daring, most would call foolish. You never know enough or have a good enough plan, but you have a direction and a passion that drives you to move forward despite any shortcomings. But we call those who act despite their fear, leaders.

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But What Is Truth?

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