Life is an adventure, but inviting Christ into your life makes the adventure even greater, raising it to new heights. We get inspiration from the saints and leaders of the past. We get inspiration from experiencing God’s creation. And we get inspiration from learning how to lead in our lives.


In the Footsteps of Saint Paul – Vacation or Pilgrimage?

In 1988 I was working for American Express and I was a top performer on our sales and account management team.  In those days the travel benefits were amazing and the company was able to offer some incredible travel rewards to its employees.  We had all of our expenses paid, and every detail of the itinerary was managed by an impeccable team. We flew into Athens for two days, then boarded a Sun Line cruise to Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Kusadasi and Myknos.  I knew nothing of the places I would visit but couldn't wait to see Greece! At the time I was nominally practicing my Catholic faith, having been confirmed...

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St. Marianne Cope

Do you have a missionary heart? How far would you go to pursue your passion? Sister Marianne Cope led an adventurous life and found herself on the island of Molokai bringing joy to the outcast. Your implementation step is to find someone who is an "outcast" and make them smile. Kindly read the following article. “Let us make best use of the fleeting moments. They will not return.” –St. Marianne Cope A saint who practically defines for us what it means to be a missionary entrepreneur is St. Marianne Cope. Over the course of a life devoted to God, St. Marianne served the suffering in New York and Hawaii with...

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Rekindle The Fire – St. Paul‘ Leadership Legacy II Part 1

Do I lead as a person of faith? Am I capable of fanning the flames of faith in my world today? As we listen to how St.Paul encourages St. Timothy on his travels, we think about our own call. Your implementation step today is to embrace your charisma and approach your profession with the intention to lift up those whom you serve. Spend time in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle your faith so that you may inspire someone else to see Christ.

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Pursuing New Ideas

Taking Inventory: am I an entrepreneur? In what way do I use my skills to pursue new ideas and new ways to engage? Father Nathan provides some leadership lessons for all of us. Your Implementation step is to find something new to do for Christ today--ask God to reveal His will for you this day.

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How To Discern A Religious Vocation

Have I ever listened for the voice of God? Do I know what the Lord is calling me to do? Do I have a desire? What an adventure to actually give yourself permission to find out what the Lord has planned for you. Can you let yourself to go on this adventure? Your call to action is to find a space to give permission for Jesus Christ to show you what He is calling you to do.

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