Deep Dive

Deep Dive

It is in the deep that we find our ability to move mountains. The richness of the Church fathers, philosophers and doctrine calls us to act. The higher we are called, the deeper our roots must reach.


Fear And Risk – Why We Fail Part 3

What are some of the things I have failed at? Have I learned from failure or just become frustrated? Let's go deeper into our understanding of how we can fail so we can succeed. By understanding the pitfalls, we can turn the into an opportunity. Your Implementation step is to find a situation where I can integrate Christ into one decision I make today and actively pray for the people impacted by that decision.

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Consider Yourself

Think about yourself. What are the three or four main things that make up who you are in your mind right now? Which is the most important/significant of the them all? Your implementation step is to write down on a piece of paper three moments that deeply shaped your story for the better. Say one “Glory Be to the Father” in thanksgiving for each of them.

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The Significant Relationships In Your Life

What are the most significant relationships in your life right now?  Why do you need each one of them?  That is, what does each one add to your life?  Your implementation step is to think about a significant relationship in your life to which you have not paid attention for some time. Use the phone to call them and reconnect and let them know how important their relationship is to you.

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The Gift Of Sexuality Within Marriage

What do I understand of the importance of the gift of sexuality within marriage?  What don’t I understand?  Your implementation step is If you are married, talk with your spouse about what you just watched and discuss it with them. If you are not, take a moment to write down questions that you may have and bring them to your priest to talk with him about them.

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How Do I View My Life

Whose are the eyes you are viewing your life by?  That is, who is the one, in your heart, who determines whether or not you think you have value?  Your implementation step is to set a 5 minute countdown timer. Open your Bible to Mathew 16: 13-17. Meditate on the scene and ask Jesus the question: “Who do you, Jesus, say that I am?”

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How Do I Respond To Conflict

How do I respond to conflict?  Am I open to seeing conflict as something that can help build my relationships, making them stronger?    Your implementation step is to think of one conflictual relationship in your life. Humble yourself to ask forgiveness from God for anything you may have done to exacerbate the conflict. Say one Our Father for the person you are thinking of.

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